Timothy Nelson

Over the past decade, Timothy Nelson has established himself as one of Perthís premier songwriters. Though his career has twisted and turned, both in style and in subject, from fronting Timothy Nelson & The Infidels and High Horse, earning multiple WAMIís, to moonlighting in The Kill Devils Hills ñ it is solo, where Nelsonís always been driven to go.

On Words Like Young, his debut solo album, Nelson deftly forges a sound thatís all his own; he has the ability to take straight forward power-pop, alt-country and classic rock ‘n’ roll and hammer down a sound that doesnít feel like an exercise in time travel. Diverse, enigmatic, dynamic and refreshingly rebellious, Nelson explores topics of personal growth with heavy introspection.
Itís a record of unquestionably great studio aptitude: a carefully arranged, high fidelity production recorded and co-produced by Dan Caroll at Rada Studios in Perth.

ìWelcome to Timothy Nelsonís world. Trips out, half-baked in his half-broken-down van, break up the days of Perth suburban day-dreaming, where fantasies of the unobtainable ó love or luxurious overseas trips ó slide side-by-side next to strict self-analysis, the expected introspective result of reflective hours.î
– Rolling Stone Australia

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