Joel Ozborn

Considered one of Australia’s funniest and most exciting comedians, Joel Ozborn’s first real taste for comedy came when he won his high School public speaking competition. Rather than delivering a conventional speech on politics or the environment he chose to talk about the anxiety of Wombats, which left both students and teachers in stitches. Since then his comedy has taken him all over the world and on tour with  popular comedians like Arj Barker and Akmal Saleh.

Following in the footsteps of Robin Williams and Eddie Izzard, Joel began honing his craft on the streets of Sydney’s Circular Quay. Not wanting to resort to the predictable type of street show, Joel created his own bizarre style of street comedy which led to him winning the 1998 ‘Street Performer of the Year’ Competition presented by the Sydney Opera House live on 2DayFM.

Later that year Joel moved to America to work with internationally renowned comedian/magician The Amazing Johnathan. Over the course of the next few years, Joel found himself travelling extensively across nearly all 52 states, visiting world-famous cities such as Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Boise, Idaho. Joel’s street performing continued in Los Angeles in front of the large crowds at the world-famous Venice Beach. Knowing all too well that the crowds were used to the bizarre, Joel created more ‘Off the wall’ comedy to grab their attention. This included having a sling shot fired at his face and squeezing his body through a genuine tennis racket.
Upon returning to Australia in 2002, Joel became a regular in comedy clubs across the country where he continued to entertain audiences with his unique style of comedy. This quickly lead to a number of performances around the globe, from South East Asia to Las Vegas.

Joel returned to the world-famous Sydney Opera House, this time performing inside. He embarked on a national tour with fellow Comedian Akmal Saleh and joined Arj Barker on his theatre tour and sell out Sydney season.

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