Crap Music Rave Party

Tomás Ford is the worst DJ in the world. The Australian partystarter is notorious for his crates of records that nobody would ever like. Hell, he doesn’t like it, but at his Crap Music Rave Party, he plays nothing but the worst songs people can think of. Then he hypes up the dancefloor with his high energy antics, ridiculous video projections and DIY disco lighting.

It’s the dumbest, most successful concept he’s ever had. It’s been a sold out smash at Edinburgh Fringe, Adelaide Fringe, Brighton Fringe, Rottofest, Fringe World and an equally massive smash in clubs in Perth, Prague, New Zealand, Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart and Karratha.
Think Dannii Minogue, “soulful” yacht rock, your Dad’s road trip jamz, happy hardcore, Eurovision nightmares, Justin Bieber, glowsticks, yacht rock smoothness, white-boy reggae, trance remixes of Enrique Iglesias, skate park dubstep, 80’s movie themes, breakdance battles, your aunty’s disco collection, riotous hair metal, mouldy new jack swing records, unnameable boy bands, hands in the air, anything could happen…
Grab a massive group of friends, think of a horrible song, and get ready to dance!

“King of the Fringe” – The West Australian

“Crap music is really universal!” – X-Press Magazine

“The corniest/greatest playlist you’ve ever heard.” – Rip It Up

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